• Genie


    At first I thought it was an alien, than an elf but now I’m almost sure it’s some kind of genie. :)

    Първоначално си мислех, че е някакво извънземно, след това, че е елф, но вече съм почти сигурна, че е някакъв вид джин. :)

  • Doodles


    Just a quick doodle I did today.

    Просто нещо, което надрасках набързо днес.

  • Moon Bear

    Moon Bear

    Concept for a moon bear character.

  • Biscuit Man

    Biscuit Man

    Another concept I’ve made recently. :)

  • Scribbler Too

    Scribbler Too

    Scribbler Too is an online application for doodling. Boyan found it yesterday. It’s great especially for warm-up sketches. :) You can find it on the link below.