• Blue Thing

    Blue Thing

  • Colourful Creature

    Colourful Creature

    Just another doodle.

    Още една драскулка.

  • Doodles


    Just a quick doodle I did today.

    Просто нещо, което надрасках набързо днес.

  • Pythia


    The Pythia, commonly known as the Oracle of Delphi, was the priestess at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. The Pythia was widely credited for her prophecies inspired by Apollo.

    Пития е името на всяка жрица-пророчица на бог Аполон в неговото светилище в Делфи.

  • Autumn Reading

    Autumn Reading

    At last I had some spare time(after finishing my thesis) to draw something different than the film. Actually that is a real old man I saw in the park. Well there weren’t so many books beside him but that’s not the point. :D

    Най-накрая имах малко свободно време(след като си завърших дипломната), за да порисувам нещо различно от филма. Всъщност това е истински дядо, когото видях в парка. Е, около него нямаше толкова много книги, но не това е важното. :D